nopCommerce 4.20 Released on 28 May 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

nopCommerce 4.20 Released on 28 May 2019

Highlight features

  1. Re-designed admin area. A lot of UI/UX enhancements in admin area
  2. Significant performance enhancements
  3. nopCommerce can be run on Linux now
  4. Docker support


  1. Upgraded to ASP.NET Core 2.2 and EF Core 2.2
  2. Performance. HTML minification
  3. Performance. Significant performance improvement by upgrading to EF Core 2.2 because the previous version of EF had a critical performance issue
  4. Performance. Faster processing of large catalogs (do not load product attributes for products without attributes)
  5. Performance. Faster processing of pictures stored in Windows Azure
  6. Performance. Faster discount calculation
  7. Performance. Faster generation of bundled and minified JS and CSS files
  8. Performance. Redis works much faster now
  9. Performance. Moved jQuery library to the footer (actually all js libraries now)
  10. Performance. Improved performance of “IsCrawler” method used to detect search engines
  11. Performance. Cache is cleared much faster now
  12. New plugin architecture. Do not load uninstalled plugins in memory. Allow to uninstall/install multiple plugins at the same time
  13. Added Avalara tax plugin out of the box
  14. Security. Prevent a credit card bruteforce
  15. GDPR user change history
  16. We moved away from outdated KendoUI Grid to DataTables library
  17. Added localizations for relative dates (previously they were hard-coded)
  18. Added "Use response compression" setting to UI
  19. Notificate customers when discount coupon code is applied using URL
  20. Allow a store owner to configure password strength
  21. Added a setting indicating whether we should apply additional shipping charge for pickup in store
  22. Added backward compatibility routes for product tags
  23. Added alternate language pages to sitemap.xml
  24. Added favicon support for other devices (e.g. iOS Safari, Android Chrome, Windows 8 and 10,Mac OS X El Capitan Safari)
  25. Allow to upload favicon in admin area
  26. “Default value” of checkout and product attributes is localizable now
  27. “Custom text” of specification attributes is localizable now
  28. Added meta property "og:image:url" (file sharing in social networks)
  29. Updated breadcrumbs structure according to the latest schema changing
  30. Do not store "clean" passwords for external authentication systems
  31. Update PayPal Standard plugin config instruction
  32. Update Facebook plugin config instruction
  33. Allow filtering by warehouse for the order list report
  34. Added warning when trying to impersonate inactive customers
  35. Added QualPay and SendInBlue plugins
  36. Removed WorldPay plugin
  37. Updated Square plugin to use the new "renew token" API
  38. Admin area. Add a link to the warnings page from the dashboard
  39. Added reCAPTCHA to the “forgot password” page
  40. Support for multiple reCAPTCHAs on one page
  41. Return 404 page when a topic, blog post, news item cannot be loaded
  42. Increased max length of the settings
  43. Filtering support for the "shopping carts and wishlist" page (admin area)
  44. Remove Google+ page URL from social media (Google dropped its support)
  45. Added ada tags to assist screen readers
  46. Added possibility to use specific redis database
  47. Added additionally check ManageAcl permission when managing customer roles
  48. Performance. Allow to load top menu using AJAX (disabled by default)
  49. Developers. Added Redis and AzureBlobStorage Enabled settings to SystemInfo admin widget
  50. Developers. Continuous Integration. Added support of Travis CI (
  51. Developers. Support schema other than DBO (databases)
  52. Developers. Refactoring of admin mapping configuration
  53. Developers. Added application root path for use in JavaScript
  54. Developers. Added more widget zones
  55. Developers. Added event handler on document when pressing Enter
  56. Developers. Use IHttpClientFactory to create HttpClients (performance)
  57. Developers. Less source code duplication
  58. Developers. A lot of source code refactoring
  59. Developers. Updated third-party libraries to the latest version
  60. Developers. Added attribute "placeholder" in nop-editor tag helper
  61. Developers. Added instructions for changing type datetime to type datetime2 in the database
  62. Developers. Changed file extension from .txt to .csv when exporting
  63. Developers. Store source files uploaded using html editor filemanager in database if media setting is database


  1. Security. XSS security issue fixed
  2. Security. XEE security issue fixed
  3. Admin menu was broken on mobile devices
  4. Fixed rating stars display (product reviews)
  5. Profit on the order details page didn’t consider "refunded amount"
  6. Images were not displayed after product name changes
  7. Return requests could not be edited
  8. UPS Plugin. Shipping rates were set to 0 for international shipments
  9. Page titles weren’t set for all pages in admin area
  10. Browser language wasn’t detected properly (used in multilingual websites)
  11. The plugin list page couldn’t be open when website was not available
  12. Editing of attribute combinations didn’t properly pre-set values
  13. Facebook authentication. Fixed redirection issue when authentication failed
  14. Fixed duplicated warnings on admin area pages with a multi-store configuration
  15. Fixed a “free shipping” label
  16. Product tags count ignored ACL
  17. Sitemaps loaded categories of all store (multi-store configuration issue)
  18. Pickup points. Added display of address input fields depending on the address settings
  19. Fixed problem with localization of non English chars in the “add reward points” form in admin area
  20. reCAPTCHA didn’t work behind proxy
  21. We had duplicates in UrlRecord after installation with sample data
  22. Fixed issue with custom address attributes and "Billing address in checkout is disabled" setting
  23. Fixed problem when allowed to save empty download object
  24. Fixed tax calculation if product cost was zero
  25. “Edit page” administration links didn’t work on the blog and news pages
  26. When the picture SEO filename was changed, images couldn’t be loaded (cache reset was required)
  27. When you limited a news item to a particular store you could still view it in other stores
  28. Fixed duplicated default select option under country drop-down on the shipment page
  29. Fixed issued in magnific popup gallery
  30. Fixed euro symbol display
  31. Fixed robots.txt for search page
  32. Fixed CSS issue with up/down buttons (IE Edge +Firefox)
  33. Fixed Redis clear cache error
  34. Fixed problem with synchronization of "CustomerCustomerRoleMappings" with "CustomerRoles" entities
  35. We should remove filename after clicking "Remove picture" button when uploading images
  36. Fixed generate configuration URL in virtual directories for discount requirement plugins
  37. Fixed bug with "SpecificationAttributes" caching
  38. Fixed error with incorrect background color of uploaded images
  39. Fixed redirection problem when PdtToken isn't set for PayPal standard options

Release Note for 4.20 Version